Wedding Save the Date Any Month Calendar + Photo

Celebrate your engagement with these personalized wedding "save the date" double-sided flat cards. On the front, these elegant black-and-white cards show your photo, along with the bride and groom&#;s names, your wedding date, and a monthly calendar (that you can customize) to remind your guests. They also include a small burgundy watercolor heart and a "date circle" to circle the calendar date. On the back, they include room for your wedding location and more text, such as the words "formal invitation to follow" and your website. TIP: To circle a different calendar date, after filling in all your other details, select "customize / personalize ; The DATE CIRCLE is the top image. Select it and move it to your wedding date. You can also resize it or rearrange and delete other elements, too. FOR ASSISTANCE: Contact the WanderingBark store and choose "design ; I&#;m happy to custom-make the calendar for you!

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